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It might sound a bit paradoxical to have external origins for your original characters, but nobody is immune to influence and I'm very susceptible to it :D Many of my resin OCs originated from places outside my own mind, and while I'm cofident that I've warped them enough to call them my own, I thought I'd list the influences from which they stem.

Teal: He comes indirectly from a short story by Poppy Z Brite named His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood, a truly delicious gory gathering of decadent Louisiana gothicka and deathrock sensibilities. Teal is the long-dead white Voodoo priest with a missing tooth who steals the protagonist's life-force in order to keep living. Poppy Z Brite (who has recently changed his name to Billy Martin) is a cult author from New Orleans who writes fabulous horror stories about gay men, voodoo, and the supernatural. He is now a man, which my brain has trouble processing because his writing, with its voluptuous mix of sex, fantasy and poetry, is so uniquely feminine. In any case, Poppy = LOVE. It is because of his writing that my storyline is set in New Orleans in the late eighties (with Teal wearing the hideous horror-punk fashion of the day). Teal is also influenced by Wednesday 13, one of my favourite musicians, whose reckless disregard for the sanctity of the dead is always amusing.

Clairvius Narcisse: He's actually a real person… who is known for being the most recently documented zombie. He was written about by Wade Davis in his book The Serpent and the Rainbow, which is an interesting little book about voodoo, zombies and Haiti. Clairvius's look comes from my favourite zombie film, White Zombie, the first zombie movie ever made (1930s) and to date the most accurate. He's also influenced by Edwardian culture such as the Titanic, and literature for children, including books like The Railway Children.

Wolfe Macfarlane: He comes directly from Robert Louis Stevenson's short story The Body Snatcher which I consider one of the greatest Gothic stories ever written. RLS considered it so heinously gory that he refused to let it be re-published, so it's lucky we have it at all. In it, Wolfe is a brilliant young doctor who thinks nothing of murdering a few people on his way to the top. He's also influenced by Victor Frankenstein, Van Hellsing and Doctor Jekyll (also by wonderful Robbie). He's got a bit of Victor Hugo's Frollo about him. His pre-cyborg look comes from how I imagine Dorian Gray to look- crisp, blond and perfectly glacial.

Felix Fettes: He also comes directly from The Body Snatcher. In the story he's an ambitious young student, but I made him a more scoundrelly ruffian type. He owes a great deal to Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd and again to the music of Wednesday 13. He also gets a certain something from Mr Hyde and the blackguardly villains of Victorian literature found in the works of Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope.

Selkie: Put simply, Selkie comes from the ocean. That sounds a bit simplistic for a mythical seal-person, but his look, colours and textures all originate from the sea. From the strange pale purple of his eyes to the brownish grey curls in his hair, he's North-Sea-oceanic. It's a very Northern European type of sea he's from; it's the one I've seen most days of my life and lived beside and loved. He comes from Orkney folklore and songs such as The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry. I created him so he wouldn't look out of place jumping through the bow-wave on the Norway-Denmark ferry and I don't think he would.

13: His basic idea comes from Alice in Wonderland, and especially American McGee's version, but mostly he comes from a book called Revenge of the Toffee Monster which is basically an updated, funnier, more hopeful version of Frankenstein, for children. I always loved this book, in which a mad scientist creates a strange animal from toffee, frogs and sponges. He's also based on Frankenstein's monster, of course.

Topaz: It's difficult to say with him. His look comes from grunge fashion of which I'm such a fan, and specifically Kurt Cobain. He's also based on River Phoenix…, Ricky Rodriguez… and the cult Children of God. Several aspects of his past were largely inspired by Arthur Miller's play The Crucible.

Amleth Eronisle: Amleth is a character who is meant to make people who have taste roll their eyes. He's a hideous mash-up of Hamlet and Dracula. Gothic isn't about what's sensible, Goddammit! Shakespeare didn't invent Hamlet, of course - it's actually an ancient Danish legend. Some French writer changed his name from Amleth to Hamlet, Shakespeare made him an ambiguous tragic hero, and the new name stuck. As for Dracula, Amleth sticks to the character's more intriguing traits while dispensing with the Victorian gaudiness of it all. In terms of vampiric abilities, he sticks to those outlined by the character of Eli in the beautiful Swedish film Let The Right One In, and in terms of folklore and appearance he generally follows old European vampiric legend rather than modern Hollywood conventions (though some of them are fun too).

Matilda Wormwood: She comes directly from Matilda, the last novel of the brilliant Roald Dahl, and the film of the same name. Her look is inspired by the iconic Wednesday Addams, and her personality is very similar to the way Charles Addams described her original character before she became her more famous, bloodthirsty incarnation:…

Razzy: Razzy is most obviously based on Rasputin, but in a very strange way. He's been turned into the tooth fairy as punishment for transgressing wizard laws. As a toothfairy, he is based on subverting the idea of traditional fairies such as the Flower Fairies. Parts of his personality are based on Tinkerbell (stubbornness and vanity, for one thing). J. M. Barrie said fairies were too small to feel more than one emotion at a time, which sums up Razzy pretty well. His dress and manner of speaking are based entirely on that meerkat from the adverts. I make no apologies for that.

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